Informative Essay


Ms. Colley  

Language Arts 7 

27 February 2018 

How Sudden Changes Can Affect a Person’s Life 

Have you ever noticed a sudden change in yourself or someone you knew? Some changes are in attitude or the way a person thinks about life.  In the stories “A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley,” “At a Crossroads,” and “Little Things are Big,” each of the main characters endured a significant change in his life that taught them to have a positive mindset.  

In the play “A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley,” the character of Scrooge underwent a sudden change in his attitude.  He was visited by the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future who showed him visions in attempt to warn of what would happen if he did not change his attitude. “Oh. Good Spirit, I see by your wavering hand that your good nature intercedes for me. Assure me that I yet may change these shadows that you have shown me by an altered life!”(page 159) He changed his attitude from being inconsiderate and heartless to courteous and generous to others. 

In the story “At the Crossroads,” Nick Kleckner changed from not feeling grateful to becoming thankful for everything in his life.  He encountered this change by going on a walk from Jacksonville, Florida to Huntington Beach, California. “He has learned to live in the moment and to be thankful for everything he has.” (paragraph 8) He changed the way he thinks about possessions, and he will always remember to be grateful for his life. He is grateful for what he has because during his trip he did not have much.  He was thankful for what people gave him along his cross-country trip. 

In the story ” Little Things Are Big,” Jesus Colon goes through a change because of a woman on a bus. The change was formed when one day on the bus he was struggling with whether he should help a woman of different color. He was then ashamed he did not help her with getting her three young kids up the stairs. In the story Jesus says, ” But here is a promise that I make to myself here and now: If I am ever faced with an occasion like that again, I am going to offer my help regardless of how the offer is going to be received.” He has changed his ways from not helping people of a different color to promising himself to always help people of a different color. This sudden change left a big impact on his life. 

In conclusion, people can experience a sudden change in their attitude. Scrooge became more kind and generous, Nick Kleckner became more thankful for what he has, Jesus Colon became helpful to people of different color. From reading these I found that anyone can go through a sudden change just like those characters. 

Free Post

 In this post I will be talking about my running career and some of my times. Running was what I did every day after school but, now the season is over so I get bored.

I was the second best on the team then someone got hurt so now I am the best. My very best time (we only run two miles) is 14 minutes and 55 seconds. All I wanted to do this season was break 15min and I did it. Yay!! My team really feels like a family. They tend to get annoying just like a family. Then once the season is over is really miss the family feeling.

Extraordinary Ohio!

      1. 24311659378_862de352a5The Columbus Zoo is an awesome place to go. There are many animals, so plan to go for more than one day. You will also need more than one day to be able to go to the water park at he Zoo. There is food and LOTS of animals. It is fun for all ages, to do because doesn’t everyone loves animals right.

        Photo Credit: stephanieswayne1 Flickr via Compfight cc

    1. 36696505555_53792c6f69While your in Columbus you should visit COSI. COSI is a grate place for everyone to explore and have fun. I personally love COSI because there is no way you would ever get bored there. There is something for every kind of person. There is also lots of food for lunch to enjoy.

      Photo Credit: GabboT Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. 37253555805_ca08fee5d7 Kings Island is a place with lots of BIG roller coasters in Mason, Ohio. This park has a water part and a roller coaster part. I personally do not like roller coasters so I would no t suggest this to people who do not like roller coasters. If you like roller coasters this is the place you should go to. Some of my friends love the roller coasters at Kings Island.

Bucket List


To become a professional photographer

Get good grades through the rest of school

Image result for pictures of A+ that are free and not copyright

Get a medal for cross country


To live a clean life

To get married and be successful




Week 3: Task 9

                                                           Jigsaw                                                                                                            Photo Credit: camera1739 Flickr via Compfight preview35 pieceCamera#147″>ccThis jigsaw is of a camera and only 35 pieces. Hope you enjoy the jigsaw. Tell me in the comments if you have made your own jigsaw.

Week 3: Task 7

                                            Zoom Out

                         Zoom out on the picture below, the picture is of my camera that I own.I love photography so that is why I chose this picture.  

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